Asperger's Rules!

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Fitting in to school and social life can be the single most challenging task when you have Asperger's syndrome — "Asperger's Rules!" can help.

The strategies in this book will be best practiced with the assistant of a parent or caregiver as there is a lot of content to cover. The book concept is great an includes activities as well as information and visual representations. Young people is likely with the 'put your knowledge to test' section where learning can be evaluated.

Parents too will like this title, specially if they still navigating their children abilities and difficulties in terns of social relationships.

Packed full of information, this book covers common school situations and the uncommon challenges that they can present to a child with Asperger's. Kids will find the how-to for understanding and communicating with peers and teachers, standing up for and taking care of themselves, setting realistic goals, and making friends. "Asperger's Rules!" belongs in the backpack of every kid with Asperger's and is an essential resource for getting the most out of middle school.

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