I Feel Bullied

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This book ensures victims of bullying do not feel alone as it provides good examples of bullying at home, school and even in the workplace. Children learn how to recognise bullying and how to take action immediately. Used effectively in both the clinic and the classroom with individual and groups, I Feel Bullied is an excellent reference to raise discussions, such as 'becoming an active bystander' and 'where to go for help'.

I Feel Bullied often enables children to disclose incidents of bullying as the scenarios depicted in this book are easy for young people to relate to and designed to initiate conversations between parent and child. This great title is highly recommended in the counselling context, given the emphasis on empowering young people to resolve conflict within the peer group.

In addition, the book contains notes for parents and teachers to ensure children are adequately supported while encouraging their independence in the process of dealing with bullies. I Feel Bullied is regularly used in conjunction with the 'Face It' cards to explore feelings and friendships with a diverse range of characters.

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