Paint it Black Blackboard Paint

Turn any surface into a chalkboard with Micador's water-based 'Paint It Black' Blackboard Paint.

This 500ml tin should cover about 3 square meters of wall surface. Once painted, the blackboard surface is best drawn on with chalk, and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. This product is ideal for kids bedrooms, play areas, offices or schools!

Key features

  • Turn any surface into a chalkboard with Micador 'Paint It Black' Blackboard Paint
  • Great for classrooms, offices and kids bedrooms.
  • Try drawing on your board with Micador Colourfun, White or Jumbo Chalk
  • Wipes clean with wet cloth
  • Coverage: 500ml tin may cover up to 3 square metres
  • Paint is water based
  • Clean painting equipment promptly with water.

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