"Relax" is a practical book filled with colourful illustrations to help children recognize their own symptoms of stress and learn how to remain calm and in control.

Children respond positively to the step-by-step breathing techniques and the stretching games to isolate different body parts using animal imagery, child-friendly props and playful sounds to release tension.
This book also includes common stress-inducing scenarios such as "running late, arguments between parents, new baby in the family, loss of a pet, nightmares or getting in trouble at school" and normalizes our reactions to these events. Suitable for children aged 4-12 years, this book helps young people to understand the body's physical signals and how to best prevent a stress response.

"Relax" is helpful tool for parents encourages children Quirky Kid "Why Worry?" workshop or as an educational bedtime story to benefit children and parents.

Format: Pd + 40 pages
By (author) Catherine O'Neill, Illustrated by Toni Goffe

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