Samantha Jane's Missing Smile

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This book explores the grief and loss of a parent in a sensitive and informative way.

Samantha Jane misses her father very much. Sometimes the sadness feels so big she is afraid to let herself feel it. Sammy Jane is also worried about her mother, and whether they are all going to be happy again someday. But then she feels guilty. Is it right to feel happy when her father can't be here to enjoy life, too?

Losing a parent is a profoundly life-changing event for a child. Samantha Jane's Missing Smile gently guides families through the feelings, thoughts, and wishes that children experience when a parent dies, and offers helpful tools for lasting hope and happiness.

"The loss of a parent is a significantly life-changing event for a child. This compassionately written book helps families cope with this loss. It guides families through the exploration of children's feelings, thoughts, emotions, and desires and offers helpful tools to move toward lasting healing, hope, and optimism for the future".
—Parent and Preschooler Newsletter

By Julie Kaplow and Donna Pincus

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