Was It the Chocolate Pudding?

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Separation and divorce is a confusion process for any adult and children alike. However, children may take longer and require of more individualised communication strategies to cope and adapt better.

The simple illustrations help young readers to connect with the story and keep to topic.

One of the most common effects of divorce on young children is the impression that their parents' separation is somehow their fault.

Was It the Chocolate Pudding? tells the story of divorce in a typical family from the point of view of an engaging young narrator. Readers learn about divorce, and receive age-appropriate explanations of what is happening regarding such issues as single-family homes and joint custody.

The narrator explains that divorce is not the child's fault - it is a grown-up problem. The story emphasizes the need for good communication between parent and child and provides an age-appropriate explanation of what is really happening.

Includes a 'Note to Parents' to read prior to reading the book.

by Sandra Levins and Bryan Langdo
Format: Pb+ 40 pages