What to Do When You Worry Too Much

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Parents of anxious children will know that applying adult reasoning or telling them “not to worry” doesn’t alleviate anxiety. This book adapts principles of cognitive behavioural therapy used by psychologists to treat anxiety, in particular, the principles of containment, externalisation and competing demands.

The principle of containment delegates “worry time” to a block of time where kids can express their worries to their parents, so they don’t consume every hour of every day. Externalising helps children think of their worries as unwanted visitors they have the power to silence. Children can’t be relaxed and anxious simultaneously so the principle of competing demands gives strategies for progressive muscle relaxation, exercise and positive visualisation.

This interactive storybook is developed by a clinical psychologist will enable your child reduce their anxieties and master new skills.

This book is part of the “What to do” Guides for Kids along with “What to Do When Your Temper Flares” suitable for ages 6-12.


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