Words Are Not For Hurting

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With each child’s rapidly expanding vocabulary, it is essential that they adopt healthy and kind ways of expressing themselves. Aimed at children aged 4-7, “Words are Not for Hurting” explores the effects words have on others. It demonstrates, in a child-friendly way, how even the smallest phrases, like “I’m sorry” can have the greatest impact.

At the end of the book, parents and teachers will benefit from a number of activities and discussion starters. These activities include: how to have fun with words; how signs and symbols can convey meanings and the importance of tone, body language and facial expression. Other factors of positive communication are suggested which will help kids and parents alike think about how to respond to hurtful words and how parents can model healthy conversation styles.

"Words Are Not For Hurting" is a recommended resource to ensure children communicate in healthy ways.

This title can be supplied and a board book or as a paper back, depending on supply.