Cool Down and Work Through Anger

The school yard and home life are full of triggers that can occasionally incite anger in children, whether it be when things don’t go to plan or when people don’t show due respect. “Cool Down and Work Through Anger” captures the physiological symptoms common to the emotion of anger such as tension and increased heart rate, as well as the natural behavioural tendencies to explode with rash outbursts and harsh words. Some children might even “bottle-up” all their anger within, but none of these responses are ideal.

This book encourages kids to accept and admit their angry feelings, as anger is an emotion that anyone experiences from time to time. However, there are various coping techniques outlined in the book such as controlled breathing, pausing to regain one’s composure, relaxing, exercising or channelling these feelings into something creative.

All of these strategies enables the reader to restructure their actions into a more adaptive behaviours - and this is a lesson this book aims to in-still from an early age.

Included are four pages of very comprehensive activities to understand, process and resolve anger, including role plays, card games and journalling.

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