Face It Cards - 2nd Edition

The second edition is here. 

The Face It collection always makes an impression! This set of thirty-five (35) hand-drawn cards, depicting a wide range of facial expressions, are designed to engage children and adults from diverse social and cultural backgrounds as well as those on the Autism spectrum or with other special needs.
The Face It cards give greater meaning to discussions involving feelings and behaviours. They can help families resolve conflict and classmates explore social scenarios or ethical dilemmas. Whether in the classroom, clinic or at home, the Face It cards have the capacity to overcome barriers. They go beyond words and they are our absolute favourite resource.
Used by over 1500 school and professionals around the word they will transform your engagement with children. 

This therapeutic resource includes 35 cards (100 x 100 mm), poster and user manual developed by Dr. Kimberley O'Brien, Child Psychologist. 
Face it Cards have sold over 1500 copies worldwide.

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