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New 'Tell Me A Story' Cards Hit QK Shelves

November 04, 2016

At last! Our new 'Tell Me A Story" cards are back and better than ever. For those who have never experienced the joy of this popular resource in the past, the ‘Tell Me a Story’ cards are a useful tool for parents and professionals working with young people to facilitate communication, highlight strengths and to reinforce a sense of pride. To date, the TMAS cards have been tried and tested by over 1200 people worldwide. Developed in the clinical setting for over 10 years, these cards have been gracefully illustrated to engage and invite both children and adults to recall and retell their own memorable moments of extremity, such as 'Luckiest!' 'Loneliest!' and 'Bravest!' The topics of these cards have been chosen for their... Continue Reading →

A New Face for the 'Face It!' Cards

October 31, 2016

  At long last! Our new and improved Face It! cards have arrived to QK headquarters ready to inspire and delight children and adults once again. We felt it was time to refresh the look of these much loved hand-drawn expression cards designed to engage young people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds as well as those on the Autism spectrum or with other special needs. The new edition features a fresh, crisp new box for storage and transport, and special printing embellishments throughout. We love it. These cards have been widely used across Australia and beyond to help families resolve conflict and classmates explore social scenarios or ethical dilemmas. Whether in the classroom, clinic or at home, the Face It! cards have the capacity to... Continue Reading →

Books for Christmas? Order Now!

December 06, 2015

If you’ve ordered books from our Shoppe and want them to arrive in time for Christmas, be sure to place your order before the 11th of December. Need some last minute gift ideas? Tickets Our QK Tickets have been popular this year, especially for those whose good behaviour is in need of a little encouragement! The Behaviour Series Join Josh, Adam, Emily and Paul in this fun series as they learn new skills about managing nightmares, manners, greetings and keeping themselves clean! How To Be A Friend This popular read is the perfect prop for parents and professionals working with children to build social confidence and explore playground politics. Continue Reading →