Complete Quirky Kid Pack

Introducing our newest, biggest and BEST Quirky Kid Pack. This bundle includes every book and therapeutic resource we at Quirky Kid have released to this day. With 22% off, this pack is especially ideal for schools, clinics, and organisations who love our resources. 

This pack includes: (1) The Likes of Youth Cards, (1) The Tell me a Story Cards, (1) The Face it cards, (1) Just Like When Cards, (1) Tickets, (1) How to be a Friend Book, (1) Behaviour Series Book Pack (set of 4 Books), (1) Power Up! Workbook + personal license for online content and the new Siblings Book too!

  • The Just Like When Cards: Covering common themes such as jealousy, sibling rivalry, peer conflict, confusion and anger, therapists will find the careful illustrations provide the perfect springboard to open dialogue and encourage reflection.

  • The Likes of Youth: has been developed to help boys (10–16 years) through the often turbulent transition to young adulthood. With an emphasis on self-awareness and coping strategies.

  • The Face it Cards: The Face It Collection always makes an impression! This set of thirty-five (35) hand-drawn cards, depicting a wide range of facial expressions, are designed to engage children and adults from diverse social and cultural backgrounds as well as those on the Autism spectrum or with other special needs.

  • The Tell me a Story Cards: are a useful tool for parents and professionals working with young people to facilitate communication, highlight strengths and to reinforce a sense of pride. The TMAS cards invite young people to recall and retell their own memorable moments of extremity.

  • Tickets: is a complete reward system encouraging you and your child to work together to manage behaviour.

  • How to be a Friend Book: is the perfect prop for parents and professionals working with children to build social confidence and explore playground politics. 

  • Behaviour Series Book Pack (set of 4 books): includes 'Good Night Nightmares', 'It's Mine' and 'The Tale of the Three Little Grubs' and 'Hi, Thanks, Bye!'. This engaging, humorous and intelligent series will assist young readers to navigate key early childhood presentations like manners, nightmares, greetings and politeness as well as sharing and turn-taking.

  • Power Up! is a unique Performance Psychology program designed to help kids 10 to 16 years excel at sporting, musical, artistic or academic pursuits. This program includes a workbook and access to all online learning material for personal use only. 

  • Siblings: Siblings! is a witty and imaginative picture book about the ups and downs of brothers and sisters, freshly published by Quirky Kid. With the help of a playful design and inspiring illustrations by Rocio Bonilla, this book literally presents two sides of the same story so each sibling learns to appreciate the other’s qualities and quirks. 

Enjoy 20% off when you buy the complete package instead of individual items.

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