Autism and Girls

Recently added to our recommended book list, "Autism and Girls" is an informative and practical title to support parents with female children with Autism. This title has won the Book of the Year Award by Foreword Magazine. 

Because the majority of those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders are boys and men, the voices of girls on the spectrum have been practically inaudible—until now. At long last, here is a book that provides women on the autism spectrum the opportunity to tell the world about their experiences, good and bad. Leading professionals in the field punctuate this masterpiece with fascinating articles that offer insightful advice.

Covering topics such as diagnoses, education, puberty, relationships, and careers, experts in the field share practical advice for both caregivers and the women and girls who are affected by Asperger's

Author(s): Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Tony Attwood, Catherine Faherty, Sheila Wagner, Mary Wrobel, Teresa Bolick and many more!

This is the revised second edition (formerly known as Asperger's and Girls)

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