How to be a Friend

The latest resource published by Quirky Kid: How to Be a Friend: a Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them.

We are so proud to launch this new resource written and illustrated by Mark Brown and Laurie Krasny Brow -the acclaimed creators of Arthur.

How to Be a Friend  is the perfect prop for parents and professionals working with children to build social confidence and explore playground politics.

Offering kids practical suggestions about making and keeping friends, resolving arguments, overcoming shyness, handling bossy children and bullies this title was published to support our social skills program ‘The Best of Friends’.

How to Be a Friend is easy-to-read and provides children with many fun examples and illustrations of how to be a good friend.

 You will find out:
- Who can be your friends
- How to show someone that you would like to be friends
- How do handle bosses amd bullies
- The best ways to be friend and ways NOT to be a friend
- Ways to settle an argument with a friend

This high quality Australian Edition:
Hard Cover, 33 uncoated and illustrated pages
ISBN 978-0-9806743-4-7

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