How to take out the The Grrrr out of Anger

“How to Take the GRRRR out of Anger” quickly engages children and adolescents using humour and sound practical ideas to help them recognise the onset of anger, normalise their feelings and learn how to best express it. This is the revised second edition.

Successfully used by parents, children teachers and school counsellors, 'How to take the Grrrr out of Anger' is packed with individuals and groups. This book is an excellent reference for young people participating in Anger management programs in classrooms or clinics. In the home setting, young people and parents may work through the brief chapters on a week-by-week basis to ensure both adults and children are effectively managing their anger.

'How to Take the Grrr out of Anger' offers useful information, jokes and cartoons to guide readers of all ages through the process of self control.

This book always attracts young readers with it's interesting title and youthful graphics.

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