Changing Behaviour in Schools

"Changing Behaviour in Schools" is an excellent resource for parents and teachers with an interest in being part of a positive school community.

This optimistic book by Sue Roffey, is divided into four sections, the first dedicated to fostering the best qualities and skills in teachers, the next two focus on students and how to encourage positive behaviour in a pro-social classroom; while the final section draws on the role of the whole school.

"Changing Behaviour in Schools" is both refreshing and inspirational as the author gains meaning from the challenging behaviour expressed by students who are often considered 'troublemakers' and instead she offers insight into inclusive practices and teacher resilience.

This highly recommended book is also useful for principals, psychologists and school counsellors as a tool to restore relationships based on the power of positivity, emotional literacy and participation. Family Counsellor are also likely to find the points on positive relationships fantastic food for thought for clients of all ages within the context of family counselling.

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