Creative, Successful, Dyslexic

This book is a great source of inspiration and hope for people with dyslexia and their families. The book follows twenty-three very well-known people from the arts, sport, and business worlds as they talk about how dyslexia affected their childhood, how they were able to overcome the challenges and use the special strengths of dyslexia to achieve great success in adulthood.

As well as inspiring people with dyslexia, the book provides practical information about dyslexia. It suggests that dyslexia is more of a learning process style than a disorder. Many high-achievers, such as Darcey Bussell CBE, Eddie Izzard, Sir Richard Branson, Meg Mathews, Zoe Wanamaker, Sir Richard Rogers, Benjamin Zephaniah, Steven Naismith, Lynda La Plante, Jackie Stewart, Sophie Conran and others share their stories and their advice about how to achieve one’s potential.

All reveal the enormous difficulties they faced, the strength required to overcome them, the crucial importance of adult support, and how `the different way the brain is wired' in dyslexia has enabled them to see something different in the world and to use their creativity in an exceptional way.

This is an excellent book for parents to buy for their children. It can be read together and used as a source of inspiration and encouragement, as well as providing a refreshing perspective for those working in education.

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