Max Archer, Kid Detective

We are a big fun of detective books and games as they often engage children into problem solving mode from a very young age.

Max's friend Billy Parker is tired of waking up wet, and wants to figure out how to stop his bed-wetting. Max knows how. He used to wet the bed, and he is ready to share his proven plan for staying dry.

So come on! You too can join Max and become part of the Poop Patrol and Stream Team. Your parents can help, also. Plus, be sure to check out the extra fun activities and the Q&A written for your parents at the end of the book.

The books offer engaging and humorous illustrations to help discuss this sometimes embarrassing topic with your little ones. Clients that purchased this book at our clinics have provided great feedback.

This book has been awarded the follow wards: Moonbeam Spirit Award (Gold) and Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award for the Family

by Howard J Bennett
Format: Pb+ 48 pages

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