Quirky Kid Book Pack

Introducing our newest Quirky Kid Book Pack. This bundle includes every book we at Quirky Kid have released to this day. 

This pack includes the following books: (1) How to be a Friend, (1) Good Night Nightmares, (1) It's Mine, (1) The Tale of the Three Little Grubs, (1) Hi, Thanks, Bye! and (1) Power Up! Workbook

  • How to be a Friend: is the perfect prop for parents and professionals working with children to build social confidence and explore playground politics. 
  • Behaviour Series Book Pack (set of 4 books): includes 'Good Night Nightmares', 'It's Mine', 'The Tale of the Three Little Grubs' and 'Hi, Thanks, Bye!'. This engaging, humorous and intelligent series will assist young readers to navigate key early childhood presentations like manners, nightmares, greetings and politeness as well as sharing and turn-taking.
  • Power Up! is a unique Performance Psychology program designed to help kids 10 to 16 years excel at sporting, musical, artistic or academic pursuits. This program includes a workbook and access to all online learning material.
  • Siblings:  Siblings! is a witty and imaginative picture book about the ups and downs of brothers and sisters, freshly published by Quirky Kid. With the help of playful design and inspiring illustrations by Rocio Bonilla, this book literally presents two sides of the same story so each sibling learns to appreciate the other’s qualities and quirks.
At a special reduced rate of 15%, this pack is ideal for families, clinics, schools or organisations who especially love the books we produce at Quirky Kid. 

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