From Home to School - School Transition with ASD

This is a very readable manual, aimed at both teachers and parents, although teachers are likely to benefit the most from the skills presented. The book uses lots of concrete and creative approaches to making the transition from home to school as smooth as possible.

Readers will find tools such as the pupil profile, school symbols, transition trains and the printable pictorial aids extremely useful and easily applied at home or in the classroom. The language used in the text is straightforward and parent-friendly. The chapter on troubleshooting is an excellent reference for anyone working with a child with autism on how to manage commonly occurring problems.

The book can be referred to on an everyday basis and refers to situations that parents frequently encounter with their child. It outlines structures that can be easily followed for preparing a child with ASD for situations such as classroom activities, meeting teachers and breaktimes. Many of the visual aids and skills are centred on the classroom which teachers will welcome, although parents should also be able to adapt these skills to the home. The chapters are short and the skills quick to adapt which is ideal for busy parents and teachers.

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