What to do when your Temper Flares

While anger is a normal emotion, alerting us to address problems, it needs to be harnessed to use in constructive ways. This book shows a novel way of diffusing angry reactions into more appropriate responses. By adopting principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy, it demonstrates how children can gain control over their thoughts and learn new constructive skills. Using a format which combines that of a storybook and a workbook, children are invited to write and draw expressions of their anger.

There are also relaxation exercises to work through, strategies for being flexible, compromising and moving on. This book also contains a helpful preface for parents with advice the whole family will benefit from. It is an excellent resource to inspire change in a fun and interactive way.

This book is part of the “What to do” Guides for Kids along with “What to Do When You Worry Too Much” suitable for ages 6-12.


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